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Vertical screw conveyors

Vertical screw conveyors

Screw Conveyor zwany potocznie snake.
It has wide application in agriculture, industry, grain storage facilities, feed mills, biomass production.
It is used among other things for loading and unloading grain, feed the finished feed, granules, pellets, sawdust and other bulk materials.

The length of the conveyor can be from 4 to 12MB, and the available diameters are 100, 140 and 200 mm.

Versions are available from intake grille and hopper designed to work at angles up to 55o and vertical conveyors to work at 90o from basket and feeder auxiliary used for filling of silos and tanks.

Our conveyors are made of seamless pipes and spiral auger cold rolled.

Furthermore, those having a diameter of 140 and 200 mm are equipped with internal bearings, supports auger sleeve for noise reduction and to prevent chafing during operation.

The use of such solutions can significantly extend the life of the conveyor.
Additionally, you can equip them with the supports or carriages with lifts which greatly facilitates the work.

Lightweight and versatile design, and a wide range of accessories to support the work and changing the parameters of the conveyor makes it an essential tool that supports not only the farm, but also in other industries.
For each conveyor can buy hopper, distributors multirouting, baggers, extending segments, carriages from manual winch and many others.
Normally painted anti-rust primer and paint curing two-component.
We can do the conveyors galvanized.
The devices are very easy to self-assembly and subsequent use during operation.

It is the perfect combination of high performance and quality coupled with affordable price.