The ADRAF RAFAŁ PATYK company was established in 2010. We deal in the production of agricultural machinery, metalworking and steel structures.
We specialise in various transport machinery and bulk feeding devices.

Adraf’s agricultural machines are based on our proprietary designs and the priceless advise given by our customers, and are tailored to their needs.
Over the years, we have gained the experience and organizational skills needed to complete complex orders.

For the past 12 years we have been manufacturing efficient, durable and easy to use machines that will help you move, grind, crush, mix and push grain. Running a farm requires a significant financial outlay and endless work from the farmers,
which can be done better, cheaper and faster by using agricultural machines supplied by Adraf.

Adraf’s machines stand out among their competitors not only thanks to the distinctive and durable colour scheme. To this day, our customers can continue to enjoy the use of equipment purchased from our company when it was just starting its business, which we were able to achieve by using only the highest grade steel and subsystems from leading European manufacturers in our product; all cutting, bending, welding and assembly work is performed by us in our plant.
If a product is unavailable on the market — we will make it. If a product already exists – we make it better. We also manufacture machines based on ideas submitted by our customers.
If there is any potential solution that could improve the management of a farm, we will bring to life. These vast capabilities and flexible approach have allowed us to win over customers among farmers and breeders across Europe. We deal with the sensitive issue of warranty and post-warranty services in a rapid and professional fashion.
Every user of agricultural machinery produced by Adraf is sure to receive quick and reliable support from our service department, irrespective of where they purchase our products.

We are constantly working on improving our equipment and expanding our offer. We keep improving our machine fleet to ensure that it remains on a cutting edge level, allowing us to offer our customers the highest quality of workmanship.

Thanks to our multiple years of experience in developing machines for the agricultural sector, we are ready to face new challenges – we are planning to shortly expand our range of products with stainless steel devices for use in the food industry.

Increased efficiency, easier operation, lower price and user satisfaction are the goals that have guided us since our inception.
Our pursuit of these goals has been successful, as evidenced by the many thousands of satisfied customers whose number is constantly growing.

The future is modernity, and Adraf embraces it.