A vertical screw conveyor with a hopper is the best choice where efficiency and keeping the amount of space taken up to a minimum are important. This conveyor type is perfectly suited for moving bulk materials from trailers to silos or warehouses. Adraf offers two models of this conveyor type: Model P03/1, with a diameter of 140 mm, available in lengths of between 4 m and 8 m, and model P03/3, with a diameter of 200 mm and also available in lengths of between 4 m and 8 m. As in the case of other conveyors manufactured by our company, many additional accessories are available such as directional chutes, automatic and manual multi-way manifolds, silo clamps, discharge hoses etc. Vertical conveyors with hoppers are characterized by a stable structure, comfort of use, reliability, and low purchase and operating costs. Thanks to the above features, Adraf’s products are exceptionally competitive and an excellent choice for anyone interested in purchasing a vertical conveyor.

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