Adraf’s hydraulic trailer screw conveyor is an exceptionally versatile device used for transporting various types of material – from grain to pellets. The conveyor can be used for moving grain between trailers. This function is extremely useful during harvest and for filling both seeders and fertiliser spreaders directly from the trailer. The trailer conveyor is also perfectly capable of moving material to silos or big bags.
Trailer conveyors are available in two versions – P05/1H, with a diameter of 1,400 mm and length of 5 m, and P05/3H, with a diameter of 200 mm and length of 5 m. Both models are powered by the BMR 50 hydraulic motor (tractor pump output required: 15-25 l/min for the P05/1H model and for 20-40 l/min for the P05/3H model), which ensures efficiency and reliability. The conveyor is unfolded and folded by means of a double acting hydraulic cylinder, ensuring the best possible operation. The trailer conveyor is fitted with a rotating chamber enabling the adjustment of the working angle, making it easy to adapt the conveyor to various working conditions. As for controlling the flow of oil in hydraulic actuation systems, we’ve used one of the best two-section manifolds available on the market.
If you’re looking for a hydraulic trailer conveyor that is convenient, efficient and competitively priced, Adraf’s conveyor is sure to meet your expectations. We offer hydraulic trailer conveyors in 140 mm, 200 mm, and (coming soon) 300 mm diameters, meaning that every customer will find the perfect solution for their needs.

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