One of our latest agricultural machines, designed and manufactured in close cooperation with cattle farmers. The machine has been tested for thousands of hours on dozens of farms and has been thoroughly checked and refined down to the smallest detail. The fact that each of the users who tested Adraf’s feed pusher made the decision to purchase it is a testament to the quality of our product.

The screw feed pusher is built on the basis of a blade with a 1.2 m and 1.6 m wide screw conveyor spiral mounted at the front. The pusher is equipped with a strickle, which is used to thoroughly clean the feed table surface. The machine is powered by a BMR 125 hydraulic motor. The required capacity of the tractor’s pump is 50-70 l/min. Other top-class assemblies of the pusher include the most durable hydraulic hoses available on the market and three polyurethane wheels that can withstand a load of over 300 kg. We are aware that farmers use a large variety of tractors, and therefore we’ve ensured that the Adraf screw pusher is compatible with a wide range of mountings – three-point linkages, Euro-frame, etc., as well as adapters for loaders. Our customers do not have to search for the correct mountings on their own. All they need to do is tell us what kind of mountings they need, and Adraf will prepare it for them.

If you’re wondering if purchasing an Adraf feed pusher for your farm is a good idea, the answer is very simple – yes, it is. Apart from the obvious advantages of saved money and time and increased convenience, there are also practical advantages, as the use of a pusher enables mixing fresh feed with remains of old feed. During pushing, the feed is aerated and fluffed, which has a very good effect on the feed quality and prevents it from heating. If you are a dairy or beef farmer, the pusher was designed to ensure your comfort and the welfare of your animals.

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