More popularly known as a mill, the machine is used to grind grain and is an indispensable piece of equipment in the feed preparation process. Adraf offers a wide range of 7.5 kW, 11 kW, 15 kW, 18 kW and 22 kW mills, with capacities ranging from 800 kg/h to nearly 2,500 kg/h, enabling every customer to choose a model that perfectly fits their needs.

The mill automatically sucks the grain in, crushes it and then pumps to the feed mixer in the form of meal. The device is compatible with the ADRAF bulk feed mixer. Combined with a mixer, conveyor and electronic scales, it forms a complete feed production line on a farm.

Our mills come with a wide range of accessories as a standard, including a suction nozzle, 5 metres of suction hose and 3 metres of discharge hose. In order to protect the mill against accidental damage, our devices are equipped with magnets that catch small pieces of metal, as well as an ammeter and a thermal switch protecting the motor against damage. The mill can collect material for milling from a heap, silo or hopper. Based on suggestions from our customers, we designed and marketed an innovative solution in the form of special hoppers installed in the mill, with capacities of 500 kg to 2000 kg. A suction nozzle installed at the bottom of the hopper, with adjustable air flow, perfectly complements the mill and greatly facilitates work. The mill equipped with a hopper can be loaded with grain using an Adraf screw conveyor or directly from big bags.

Our mills are fitted with mesh screens that are far better suited to preparing meal for feeding to animals. Adraf’s shredders are fitted with 4 mm diameter screens as standard.
Apart from mesh screens, suction nozzles, hammers, PVC hoses and a number of other components, we also offer various types of multi-way manifolds, mechanical and automatic. The manifold enable the connection of additional suction nozzles or mixers to the mill, expanding the feed production line.

Adraf’s mills are characterized not only by their high efficiency and competitive price, but reliability and durability as well. If properly and regularly serviced, our mills will serve their users in a perfect condition for many years. Adraf mills purchased by our customers back when our company was just starting out operate flawlessly to this day, confirming that our customers’ decision to choose our products was correct.

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