Inclined screw conveyors with hoppers are only slightly less popular than intake conveyors. Unlike the intake conveyor, the motor of the hopper conveyor is installed at the bottom, while the hopper itself is bolted on and easy to remove if necessary. Adraf offers the following models of hopper conveyors: Model P02/1, with a diameter of 140 mm, available in lengths of between 4 m and 14 m, model P02/3 with a diameter of 200 mm and also available in lengths of between 4 m and 14 m. As a standard, the hopper comes with two non-swivel casters installed underneath, however, if the customer requires more convenience, we can install a four-wheel carriage, which is equipped with four casters – two swivelled and two with brakes. Similar to intake conveyors, there are several types of carriages with manual winches available for hopper conveyors – depending on the type – with metal/rubber wheels or pneumatic tyres (in larger carriages). Installing a ‘four-wheeler’ carriage under the hopper makes Adraf’s hopper conveyors exceptionally mobile, and as a consequence user-friendly and easy to use. Inclined screw conveyors with hoppers are therefore a great choice if you don’t plan on using an intake conveyor.

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