Every farmer who owns livestock is aware that providing animals with only one type of feed is not sufficient, and the welfare of its livestock is greatly dependent on providing animals with the required nutrients in the correct proportions. To do so, the farm must be equipped with the necessary machine, namely Adraf’s bulk feed mixer. Our company offers mixers of various capacities, both for customers with smaller needs (capacity of 500 kg and higher) and for production plants (up to 5 t).

The feed mixer can work as an independent device or in combination with a suction and pumping hammer mill, screw conveyor and electronic scales, creating a complete feed production line for use on the farm. The mill, conveyor and scales are all available from our company. We recommend building such a feed production line by purchasing each of its component parts from Adraf, as each mixer, mill and conveyor leaving our plant is tested in tandem, enabling us to guarantee flawless interfacing between each component in the line.

The device is equipped with two outlets, which enables the emptying of the prepared feed from the mixer in any situation – one of the outlets leads directly out from the screw pusher, enabling the user to completely empty the machine of feed, while the other outlet, of the so-called gravitational type, enables emptying the majority of mixed feed in case of a power outage. Our mixers are equipped with a top dust collection system, collecting dust into a single bag as a standard; we also offer the installation of the dust collection system on the sides of the mixer for farms with lower ceilings. As a custom order, we can also deliver dust collection systems that collect dust into two or three bags (installed on top or on the sides of the mixer).
Sight glasses found in convenient locations on the mixer allow users to easily and comfortable check the fill level and feed mixing status.

When changing the feed formula, the mixer must always be thoroughly cleaned. To meet the needs of our customers, we installed a cleaning hatch in the lower section of the mixer, enabling the thorough cleaning of the machine.
One clear advantage of Adraf’s mixers is their compatibility with auxiliary screw pushers, which is an excellent solution for feeding bran or other light materials. When combined with grain crushers, it forms the ideal solution for any cattle farmer.

At the customer’s request, we can install a transferring device in the mixer’s charging hopper, enabling the greasing of feed.

Adraf’s bulk feed mixer is the best choice for farmers who operate livestock-focused farms. Solid workmanship, ease of use, reliability and price, all these factors contribute to the great popularity of our mixers.

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