bulk feed mixer Twister M01/3 1200kg (2,2kW)

bulk feed mixer M01/3 with a capacity of 1200kg – designed for preparing mixes of bulk feeds for various animals.
The product is designed for both individual farms and production plants.
The mixer can work independently or in combination with the suction and pumping hammer mill, electronic scales or a screw conveyor manufactured by ADRAF. A dust collection bag is included as standard.

Optional accessories:

  • bottom dust collection
  • auxiliary screw conveyor for transporting bran
  • electronic scales
  • cutting blades – useful for oiling and large amounts of bran
  • transferring device in the charging hopper

Special version for mixing plastic granulates or industrial work:

  • thicker screw
  • stronger motor
  • dumping height suitable for filling big bags
  • special reinforced lower bearing
  • transferring device in the charging hopper

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Capacity (kg)
Height (mm)
Outer diameter (mm)
Motor power (kW)
Mixing time (minutes)

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