Inclined screw conveyor with intake Python P01/3 fi 200mm (4,0/5,5 kW)

This version of the conveyor is suitable for transporting bulk materials from heaps onto trailers, unloading grain silos or moving grain for aeration. The output of the conveyor is adjusted using a gate on the intake. The motor is mounted at the top of the conveyor. Our product range also includes many auxiliary accessories such as hoppers, directional troughs, trolleys, and many others products that facilitate work.


  • high output with a relatively low power demand
  • self-drawing
  • low purchase and operation costs compared to other transport equipment
  • lightweight design for easy manoeuvrability
  • work at different inclination angles

Extensive standard accessories:

  • complete electrical connection with overload protection;
  • a centring sliding sleeve is mounted every 2 metres on each connection of the sections, reducing noise and extending the life of the conveyor
  • Durable and universal motor mounting base, with pre-cut slotted holes enabling installation of motors of varying power – the conveyor can be extended at any time without having to spend extra time on drilling additional holes in the base – simply replace the motor.


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Motor power (kW)
4,0 / 5,5
Diameter (mm)
Efficiency (t/h)
+/- 36
Length min/max (m)

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