screw TMR feed pusher TMR Racoon PS1200

The equipment is constructed based on the blade with a front-mounted spring of the screw conveyor. The pusher is equipped with a strickle, which is used for a thorough cleaning of the feed table surface. The machine is powered by a hydraulic motor. The use of the feed pusher allows the mixing of fresh feed with the residues of the old one. During pushing, the feed is aerated and fluffed, which has a very good effect on the feed quality and prevents it from heating. It is especially recommended for dairy and fattening cattle farming.


  • fast and efficient work
  • wide variety of connections: three-point linkage, Euro-frame, adapters for loaders
  • refreshing and re-mixing the feed on the feed table
  • better quality and no feed heating

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Height (mm)
Working width (mm)
Total width (mm)
Screw diameter (mm)
Pushing direction
Connection type
three-point linkage, Euro-frame, adapters for loaders
Tractor’s pump efficiency (l/min)
30 - 50
Working pressure of the hydraulic system (Mpa)

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