Suction and pumping hammer mill S01/4 (22kW)

The hammer mill is designed for crushing cereal grains in the feed preparation process. The machine automatically sucks the grains, crushes them, and then pumps them in the form of a meal to the feed mixer. The equipment can work with the ADRAF bulk feed mixer.
Standard equipment includes a suction nozzle, suction hose and discharge hose.
Each mill is fitted with a magnet, ammeter and thermal switch.

Extensive standard accessories:

  • ammeter;
  • complete electrical connection with overload protection;
  • magnet
  • stone grabber;
  • suction nozzle;
  • 5 metres of the suction hose and 3 metres of the pumping hose;
  • fan and head elements made of C45 steel.

Optional accessories:

  • charging hoppers for grain with capacities from 500 kg;
  • multi-way manifolds.

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Motor power (kW)
Suction hose length
5 mb fi 100 mm
Discharge hose length (m)
3 mb fi 125 mm
Efficiency (kg/h)
+/- 2000
Sieves / type / size Mesh / fi /
Mesh/ fi / 4-12

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