CCM MILL hammer mill Vadera


  • easy and ergonomic operation
  • high mobility
  • the machine can be used as a regular mill (as the sieves are replaceable, switching the device’s mode of operation requires only choosing the correct sieve)
  • hopper with a magnetic separator
  • head equipped with 6 removable blades
  • fixed rasp (prevents the ingress of uncrushed particles into the outlet chamber)
  • the low loading edge of the hopper enables loading directly from the side of the trailer
  • high performance

Standard equipment:

  • Ø15 sieve
  • category 2 and 3 three-point linkage
  • kinetic separator

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Efficiency (t/h)
+/- 16
Tractor horsepower
min. 80 HP (recommended 100-120 HP)
PTO shaft
100–1000 rpm
Mesh size
Ø12 or Ø15

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