Vertical screw conveyor with an auxiliary feeder Cobra P04/1 fi 140mm (3,0/4,0 kW)

This conveyor type can be used for moving bulk materials from a trailer to grain silos, attics and warehouses in a vertical position. The motor is installed at the bottom of the conveyor. We also offer a range of additional accessories for the conveyor, such as directional troughs and multi-way manifolds.


  • high output with a relatively low power demand
  • low purchase and operation costs compared to other transport equipment
  • enable working directly next to a silo or warehouse – helps reduce space used
  • stable motor and hopper support structure

A rich array of accessories included in standard delivery:

  • complete electrical connection with overload protection
  • a centring sliding sleeve is mounted every 2 metres on each connection of the sections,
  • reducing noise and extending the life of the conveyor
  • cleaning hole for complete cleaning of the conveyor

Optional accessories:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5-way manifolds
  • discharge pipes
  • custom length of the auxiliary feeder

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Motor power (kW)
3,0 / 4,0
Diameter (mm)
Efficiency (t/h)
+/- 16
Length min/max (m)

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