Between the 18th and 21st of September 2015, ADRAF participated in the international AGRO SHOW Agricultural Exhibition that has been organized by the Polish Economic Chamber of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment since 1999.

For many years now, AGRO SHOW has been recognised as the perfect place to exhibit the latest achievements in cutting edge agricultural machinery and equipment. Representatives of various other industries also exhibit their latest products at the event, including manufacturers of fertilizer, seeds and plant protection products, companies from the financial sector and other agriculture-related industries. Thanks to this, the farmers who visit the AGRO SHOW during the 4 days of the Exhibition can familiarise themselves with a full range of available means of production and services for the agricultural sector. They are also able to participate in face to face meetings with representatives of all major institutions and agencies related to the agricultural sector. We are proud of the fact that the AGRO SHOW has become a platform that enables its participants to expand their knowledge and exchange views, contacts and experiences. The main advantages of the Exhibition include its modern and dynamic formula, popularity in the industry and location.