Grain roller crusher Ajax Z01/0 (3kW)

The job of grain crushers is to crush and flake grains of all types of cereals, leguminous plants, corn, pea, flax, etc., used in the production of nutritious feed for various farm animals. Grain crushing ensures high feed absorption.

The equipment has two grooved thick-walled cylinders that provide high performance and durability.

In order to obtain the correct fraction of the prepared feed, the gap between the cylinder can be adjusted by means of screw tension.

Each crusher has magnets capturing even the smallest metal elements.
The advantage of the machine is low dust levels during the crushing process.

A rich array of accessories included in standard delivery:

  • complete electrical connection with overload protection
  • removable cassette with neodymium magnets
  • cylinder-cleaning scrapers
  • crusher feet with adjustable height
  • cylinder positioning knob

Optional accessories:

  • auxiliary screw conveyor
  • working platform

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Motor power (kW)
Diameter (mm)
Efficiency (t/h)
Roller length
Number of cylinders

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